Fun facts about online marketing

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Fun facts about online marketing

Online marketing is the most convenient way of marketing in day to day time. Online marketing has established an elephantine platform for all types of business. Let us discuss some fun facts about online marketing.

  • In the last five months email opened by cell phones increased by eighty percent around the world:-

The email has changed the pattern of professional communications between colleagues as well as clients and service providers. Email not only makes your communication much more professional but also keeps a record of communications that prevents you from forgery and fake claims. It keeps a track on sent & received messages. It is a secure platform and creates security as well as privacy in business.

  • Emails with no title were 8 % extra apparently to be opened than those with the theme line:-

The subject line is like the face of your email. Now close your eyes and communicate with a person. Felt that curiosity of seeing the face? This curiosity of looking into what the mail is all about provoking the person to open the mail. Though it is a bit unprofessional one can’t deny that it is a crackerjack marketing skill.

  • 42% of the client’s state nature with the sender’s name impacts whether or not they’re going to open a limited time email:-

Have you ever thought why famous brands use celebrities? Because they have credibility & people can count on them. Hence if the sender name is familiar it motivates people to look into the email. It is because they count on such names that they may be useful.


  • Blogs inspire 63% more than a newspaper on purchasing decision:-

Blogs are informative articles written by experts. Newspapers are the journals that provide you news feeds. Blogs have much more impact on buyers on purchasing decisions because they are experts’ opinions. They are crafted by those people who have already conducted detailed research on the topic before publishing it. Readers count on experts and keep their advice in mind in the process of decision making. Whereas the newspaper has a gist of the product. It has a fancy advertisement but they lack in facts figures & pros and corns. Blogs have comparisons, evaluations & facts that help in choosing wisely.

  • Pictorial article generates 94% more views:-

A picture speaks a thousand words. Very common line but very true. Instead of text people are much more attracted towards pictures or photographs. Advertisements with single picture & interrogative tag line generate interest in the viewer’s mind. It is a clever strategy to keep holds the audience.

  • Infographics escalate the growth of a company 14% more:-

Infographics like charts, graphs, Pie charts, etc, give a clear picture regarding stats. Instead of writing data in article using them in graphs and charts will give them a hassle-free description.

  • Mobile is the platform for 50% of searches:-

Mobile phones are the quickest & easiest means for looking up for a relevant search. Accessibility to the net has empowered this small gadget in an unbelievable manner. Hence it is needed to be updated in accordance with it. As maximum searches begin from cell phones itself, so marketing should be done accordingly.

  • 88% local businesses are searched on mobiles:-

Mobile has proved itself as a boon & a massive platform for all type of business growth. Especially for local businesses that are mostly searched on mobile phones. Due to the easy local approach, people use mobile to search for this local business. Maps on the link of these business sites help costumers to work in an untangled way.

  • Mobile traffic leads with 125% of the growth that desktop:-

Mobile is the most accessible, so it has given a revolutionary aspect to grow the business too. The portability of mobile gives it a superpower. Hence it experiences the maximum searches that generate traffic. One can access from phone no matter what

Summarizing all points, online marketing is a new technological advancement. It is a tool the can escalate your growth within no time. These were some fun facts about online marketing that will clear points on online marketing.

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